Monday, July 12, 2010

80's Corner

We all have MP3 players that we carry around, work out with, plug into our car, but there was a time when we didn't have MP3 players ... oh it's true ... it's damn true! Back in the day, we had transistor radios which we carried around ... they sucked. Sony realized this, and created the Walkman. There were all kinds of Walkman players - some with cassettes, some with cds, and some with just the radio.

It was awesome - now, we could play our own music on the go! We could jog and listen to the latest Foreigner cassette (cds sometimes skipped with a bunch of movement), and didn't have to carry those annoying transistor radios with those long antennas around anymore. We were in heaven! Could life get any better ... apparently so. But still!

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-B- said...

Great topic Los! I remember having a bunch of different ones (mostly cheap-o's), but the cadillac was the Sony Walkman. I was floored when they implimented the audo-reverse tape head - now you didn't have to flip the tape to side 2 when it ended!!! Then they added a gap sensor - so you could FF to the next song and it would stop on it's own with the song cued up and ready to go! Ahh.. modern technology! lol