Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fast Food Corner

Boston Market was once named Boston Chicken ... back in the day when they only served ... you guessed it ... chicken! Sure they sell other foods, like ... gulp ... ham, but in my opinion, they still do chicken the best.

My favorite meal is the chicken carver sandwich. Believe it or not, it's actually on the "healthier" side, as far as fast food goes. Here's the way it's described on the Boston Market website - Rotisserie chicken with dijon mayo, cheddar, tomatoes and greens on a white or multi-grain roll.

They do a pretty good job of piling on the chicken, so you should probably get a fork, so that you can easily pick up the chicken that has fallen from the roll. And speaking of the roll, it is of really good quality (as I've said before, the roll is the most underrated important part of a sandwich).

I usually get it with a side of corn ... now I'm pretty sure the corn isn't the healthiest, because it tastes REALLY buttery, but that's the way I like it. Just plain delicious - and more of a guilt-free fast-food eating experience.


Heff said...

Looks DAMN GOOD, but I can see why they changed the name from "Boston Chicken", lol !

paige said...

Hmmm. I never liked Boston Market.