Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fast Food Corner

About a month ago, I mentioned that Chick Fil-A was adding a new menu item - the spicy chicken sandwich. As you may remember, I had my doubts ... Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich is far from hot or spicy. I didn't expect much from Chick Fil-A's version.

Folks, while not overpowering, it certainly provides some punch. The heat is just right, and is a terrific addition to the Chick Fil-A lineup. No, I did not produce any sweat when I ate it (usually a good tell-tale sign that the food is spicy), but that's ok. For a fast-food restaurant, this was a heckuva "production." I was very impressed with it.

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Heff said...

I'll give it a whirl. The only time I wanna sweat when eating is AT HOME.