Monday, July 26, 2010

80's Corner

Ladies, do you remember the Epilady? It was this "revolutionary" device to help you remove hair from your legs for months. The commercial made it look easy, but from what I was told, this device would grab your leg-hair, and violently rip it out of your legs by the root.

Somehow, that was never conveyed in the commercials. Everybody who used it was smiling ... no hint of discomfort whatsoever. But this device was a pretty popular fad for a little while.


Heff said...

On my blog follow list, that DID NOT look like an Epilady, lol !!

Steph said...

Ouch... Here's a link for you. I thought it would work nicely for your wacky news stories.,b=facebook

Jeff said...

"What you were told," huh?