Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fast Food Corner

I've probably blogged about this before, but is there a better fast-food chicken sandwich than Burger King's original chicken sandwich? It's kind of crazy, isn't it? I mean, this sandwich was introduced in the 1970's, and hasn't changed much in the 30+ years it's been around.

It's simple, but effective, really. A breaded chicken breast (I'm sure it's processed - how could they get a breast to look so much like a patty - but, to me it doesn't matter). They put some mayonnaise and lettuce on (the lettuce probably to make it seem healthy), and toast the sesame-seed roll. And for some reason, nothing compares to this, and nobody can seem to duplicate it. This is one area where McDonalds falls far behind (Chick Fil-A does a good job with their own sandwiches, though).

Now, if Burger King could only make some good fries ...


Heff said...

I'll have to take your WORD for this one. Once I walk in a Burger King, I'm attracted LIKE A MAGNET to the beefy char-broiled goodness.

I just can't help myself from that point on - chicken doesn't stand a chance.

Steph said...

I love that sandwich.