Saturday, July 03, 2010

Fast Food Corner

It's summer-time ... and that means one thing ... MILK SHAKES!!!!! The fast food chains have 'em. Now, I normally don't go to a fast-food place for milkshakes. In and around the Philly area, there are many, many better options. But, I have, on the occasion broken down and tried milkshakes at fast-food restaurants.

Wendy's, in my opinion, is probably the best. Their Frosty kicks some serious butt. Not too hard, and not too soft. Plus, it tastes like real ice cream. AND, if you want fancy, Wendy's has fancy milkshakes too (I've not tried these yet, though).

McDonalds probably has the most disappointing milk shake. First, I'm not sure if they even have milk in it. Second, it's WAY too hard - you could get an aneurysm trying to suck the shake through a straw. And, it's a little too sweet for some reason. McDonalds seems to have done an overhaul on other items, like their coffee. Why not overhaul the shake?

The one place I want to try is Sonic - they probably have a great milk shake. And, as of right now, it's still too far of a drive to just get a shake at Sonic (but soon, I think we're getting a Sonic in good ol' Delco!!!!).


Heff said...

I'm not much of a milk shake guy, but I HAVE had McDonalds, and it was just O.K.

You're probably right - I think Sonic will probably hit top honors in your quest for the best.

Steph said...

Please let us know when you try the Sonic shake. The closest Sonic here is about 20 minutes away.

Jeff said...

Last shake I had at Nifty Fifty's tasted like metal. Compared to that, the drive to Sonic is probably worth it.