Tuesday, August 24, 2010

80's Corner

Value Menus ... You go into a fast-food restaurant, and you basically order from these. For example, if you're in a McDonald's, you may order the "Number 1," which most likely will consist of a Big Mac, fries, and a soda. It's a very simple way to order food, and we take it for granted.

But I remember a time ... in the early 80's, when you'd have to order each of these items individually. For instance, I remember going to the Burger King up the street, and always ordering a cheeseburger, fries and a drink. Oh, all of the words I wasted back then ... thankfully, the 80's brought about the easy-order value menus! You don't know how easy you have it!


Heff said...

Value meals USUALLY taste like NUMBER 2.

scargosun said...

I remember the days of the slow ordering process of fast food. Too many words!

El Padrino said...

now they have 99 cent menus