Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fast Food Corner

I've talked about McDonalds Angus Burgers in the past ... I'm a big fan! I couldn't believe there'd be anything at McDonalds better than the Quarter Pounder with Cheese (I was wrong). Well, they have been promoting the McAngus Wraps lately, and for research purposes (of course), I decided to try the Bacon Angus Wrap.

Just to back-track, I liked the Mac Wraps (which are basically the big macs without the buns), so I figured I'd be OK with the Angus Wraps, but I might have a problem spending the extra 50 cents (over the Mac Wrap). Nope, I wasn't one bit upset spending the extra 50 cents. The Angus Wrap is absolutely delicious, and without a doubt, way better than the Mac Wraps. The "toppings" are fresh, the bacon is great, and the meat is better than the Mac Wrap.

Just an all around great sandwich, and a perfect "hand-food" item for when you are driving. Bravo, McDonalds!


Heff said...

I must admit, that actually looks good.

snowelf said...

You know, it's so refreshing to here someone who isn't dogging out McDonalds.


Steph said...

Now I'm hungry. I going to have to try one of those.

paige said...

It's a great idea, not for me. Unless they do a veggie burger. OHWAITTHATSRIGHT - McDonald's is too good for veggie burgers.

Sorry for that rant all over your comments. I just hate McDonalds so much.