Sunday, August 22, 2010

Song of the Week ...

Billy Squier is a forgotten man in music. There was a time in the early 1980's when he was white hot. Songs like "The Stroke," "My Kind of Lover," and "Emotions in Motion" where radio staples once. Then, he sadly did the video for the song "Rock Me Tonight" which basically killed his career. Sure, he's put out some albums since then, and quite honestly, the music has been pretty good, but nobody noticed.

One such song that should've been more popular, was a song called "Love is the Hero." He collaborated with good friend Freddie Mercury (of Queen fame) on this, and, sure, there are probably some blatant "alternative" overtones in the song, but it's a good rockin' song.

Both artists are at their vocal best in this song, that features great guitar riffs, a fantastic chorus (Love is the hero...soldier forever ... Life below zero...never say never). And no, I'm not exactly sure what it means, but you do feel like belting them out when you hear them.

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Heff said...

What about "Everybody Wants You" ? That one's my fav.