Sunday, August 08, 2010

Song of the Week ...

I know I've told you about this "product" before, but seriously guys, you have to get it. It's called the "Slacker." It's a music site, similar to Pandora, but much, much better. You basically can create your own radio stations, with the bands you want to hear. They have a free service, which may have some commercials in between songs, and you are only allowed to skip up to six songs an hour. Plus, you have limited ability to "fine-tune" your station.

The pay-service is extremely reasonable. I think it's something like $5 a month. Here, you can have unlimited skips, and can do all sorts of fine-tuning to your stations - like ramp up the artist discovery option, or increase-decrease the amount of times your "favorites" get played, and even playing more older or newer songs. I love it, I love it, I love it.

And, now, you can get Slacker on your smart phones. It's really cool - you can basically use this as an MP3 player, but the MP3s are not on your phone. And, unlike MP3 players, the songs never get old, because it keeps playing all kinds of different songs. Plus, if, for some reason, you are out of a service area, you can "cache" your favorite stations, and continue to listen to music.

Check out the site -

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