Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dope or Nope ..

There's been a debate regarding hockey that has been going on for quite some time ... is fighting in hockey a good thing? Traditionalists say that it is part of the very fabric of the game, and allows players to police each other and the game. Others claim that promoting and emasculating fighting sends the wrong message to kids and encourages useless violence.

I fall into the traditionalist side - I enjoy a good hockey fight every now and then. I think it adds intrigue, excitement and fun to the game ... however, with the impending birth of my daughter in the next few weeks, I reserve the right to change my opinion.

What are your thoughts? Dope or Nope?


Heff said...

DOPE !!!! Hell, it's the only reason to WATCH !!!

I used to play "Blades Of Steel" on the old Nintendo "core system", and they even had fights programmed into the game !

snowelf said...

I always thought hockey fighting was like wrestling. More staged for fun than an all out brawl. Either way, it's dope. It's my job to teach my chilis that fighting is not permitted in normal life, not the NHL.


paige said...

I think dope. That's just the way it is. Not everything should be changed for the sensitive.

El Padrino said...


Jeff said...

Nothing wrong with an occasional hockey fight, though I can certainly see discouraging games with 400+ penalty minutes.

My problem is with hockey fans who sit on their hands when the team scores, but give standing ovations to fights. (That's us here in Philly.) You play to win the game.