Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fast Food Corner

We in Philly have a lot of great Delis and sandwich shops, so I'll never go to Subway for cheese-steaks, or any deli sandwiches (like turkey sandwiches, for example). However, Subway does have some other good sandwiches, and their store-made rolls are surprisingly good (especially, the Hearty Italian).

I had the pleasure of trying the Bacon Chicken Ranch sandwich a few weeks ago. For my sandwich, I added the following toppings to the toasted roll - lettuce, onions, pickles and banana peppers. The chicken and ranch dressing went well with it. If I had one complaint, it would be that there was not enough bacon on the sandwich (but I'd probably have that complaint about almost any sandwich).

Still, a very good showing by Subway.


Heff said...

I've been meaning to try their newer sandwiches, but EVERY DAMN TIME I go, I'm DRAWN to the Pizza Sub. I can't escape it.

Steph said...

The chicken bacon ranch is my go to sandwich. The hubs and I tried the new melt the other day. I had chicken and he had the philly melt. We both liked them.

-B- said...

One surprise I had was the Meatball Sub - even though you don't know what's in the mystery meatballs or how long they've been sitting, they're pretty good! I've tried them with different cheeses and even at different stores - always good, every time. Hmm. Who knew? lol

El Padrino said...

subway is disgusting