Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wacky News Stories

Should be any week (or day) now ...

1. On Italian police investigating a break-in…of a virtual home:
"Sources say the suspect is an Italian plumber with a brother named Luigi ..."

2. On airports cashing in on the queues at their security gates by charging passengers to use fast-track priority lanes:
"Why do I get the feeling that Milton Street is behind this?"

3. On Army cadets being banned from carrying rifles on Remembrance Day parade because it 'glamorises' weapons:
"My hope is that the politicians currently in power who let this happen have been voted out of office."

4. On a radioactive rabbit being trapped at Hanford:
"Duck Dodgers was unavailable for comment ..."

5. On a 13-year-old schoolboy shooting Physical Education teacher in the face with a handgun because he didn't want to play rugby:
"Drug pushers and pimps think this was a little harsh ..."

1 comment:

Heff said...

WAS Mario a plumber ??

I don't remember that game being called "Donkey Turd".