Friday, November 19, 2010

Wacky News Stories

Always hate to see the Cowboys and Notre Dame in a free-fall ... such a shame ... no, seriously ...

1. On a teen janitor arrested for assaulting an 8-year old in a school hallway:
"Who has cooties now, bi-otch?"

2. On selling a self-published guide to pedophilia:
"Wait, I thought Michael Jackson was dead ..."

3. On Bette White becoming a forest ranger:
"Why do I get a sense that Yogi Bear is going to make a comeback?"

4. On the cruise ship that lost power last week making Mayo Sandwiches:
"I bet that some of the Miracle Whip supporters on the cruise-ship were pissed!"

5. On Walmart offering free shipping for the holidays:
"These guys are giving Santa and his reindeer a run for the money!"


Jeff said...

3. "You put out fires like Betty White." "That's not what your girlfriend says."

paige said...

Betty White is a forest ranger??? I learn so much on this blog.

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