Sunday, November 21, 2010

Song of the Week:

The Riverboat Gamblers are a southern punk rock band (interesting already, isn't it?), emanating from Austin Texas, and originally got together in the late 1990's. Many of their songs have to do with drinking and gambling, and the song I'm currently listening to is no exception.

"Keep Me From Drinking" is off of their latest album - "Underneath the Owl," and it has a "traditional" punk sound, with driving guitars and drums. A guitar solo in the middle adds to the likeability factor.

The song itself has nice accompanying vocals, and funny-ish lead vocals, as is displayed by the opening sequence of lyrics: " Thems the breaks, flubbed some takes, made some mistakes, called it an evening, just not well spent, the Vicodin is kicking in, Serotin may be lacking tomorrow, I'll deal with it then."

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