Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Fast Food Corner

I've decided to take the bull by the horns with my first fast food corner post of 2009 ... the best burger. Remember, this is fast-food burger, and it has to be a fast-food chain I've been to (which means that places like Checkers and Jacks aren't on the list).

5. McDonalds Quarter Pounder - I chose this over the Big Mac because it's not as messy. It's nothing spectacular, but a solid burger ... maybe it's because of the sesame seed bun ... or the fries that compliment the burger so nicely.
4. Hardees burger - Can't remember which one I liked, as I haven't had one in a few years ... I just remembered that the burger was pretty good ... the toppings were fresh ... no complaints.
3. Burger King's Whopper - Flame-broiled definitely beats out the McDonalds fried burgers ... it's just a shame that their fries suck.
2. Wendy's Baconator - Oh ... my ... god! So bad for you, yet so delicious.
1. Sonic Burger - Not sure what it's actually called, as I've only had it once, but it absolutely rocked. Big, fresh toppings, and fresh bun ... you can't go wrong.


El Padrino said...

i dont like much on my burger so i'm not one to judge

just wish there was a sonic i nny the commercials drive me nuts

Heff said...

Burger King ALL THE WAY. You can't top that flame broiled taste, dude, although I'd give Wendy's a close second.

snowelf said...

I would stop by on Fast Food Corner day. :P I've never had a sonic burger--but they did just build one here. (This from the girl who used to live entirely on fast food)


Sandi said...

Best burger in the world--Four Brothers (or is it Five Brothers, damn I can't remember).

And, sorry, but he Big Mac is way better the the Quarter Pounder. I get the messiness thing though. If I'm going to drive and eat, I get the Quarter Pounder.

God, I'm pathetic.

The Preacherman said...

How can you not include Kebabs you heathen!!!!!!!

A little take away caravan thingy on The Great West Road into London. The greatest Donner Kebabs in the history of kebabdom...

Food of the Gods!!!!

(Rita's in Southall isn't bad for chicken tikka n all)

-B- said...

I tried Wendy's Baconator once but was talking on the phone so I ate it slower.. there was so much fat in it that when I got halfway through...the remaining half coagulated and completely grossed me out. So eat it fast Los!!!

Shanna said...

I sooooooooo agree that BKs fries suck. I prefer the Whopper to any of McDs burgers but if the fries suck...well we have a problem!
I came over to see your writing assignment from Mama Kat but saw the burger and I had to see what this one was about...