Saturday, January 03, 2009

I can't believe it ... I really can't.

How did the Eagles make the playoffs? Seriously, how? Going into Sunday, I "knew" there was really no way the Birds could make it, even though I bleed green. I mean, they already blew their opportunity the week before, by losing to the lowly Redskins. Now, they had to "hope" for two teams ahead of them to fall, and then they had to beat the hated Cowboys.

First, they had to hope for the Houston Texans to knock of the Chicago Bears ... certainly a possibility - Houston was even favored at home. The Texans fell into an early 10-0 hole, before coming back and knocking off Da Bears.

Next, the Iggles needed a gift from Santa (belated) - the lowly Oakland Raiders had to travel to Tampa Bay and face a relatively good Bucs team. There's no way this Al Davis team should've won ... but that's exactly what they did. Which meant that the Birds controlled their destiny yet again.

This time, they didn't choke ... in fact, they absolutely dismantled T.O. and his "boys." the final score was 44-6, and really, the game was over by halftime. I don't think I've ever enjoyed a game like this (OK, probably a few times).

Now, they travel to Minnesota on Sunday to play the confusing Vikings. They really don't have a quarterback, or wide receivers, but they have arguably the best running back in the league, and a bruising defense. Andy Reid will hopefully continue to run the ball a little to keep the defense honest.

My hope is that this Iggles team is like last year's Giants team ... catching fire just at the right time. Only time will tell, I guess.


Sunshine said...

Just do not ask why or how? just roll with it!!!! I must say when I arrived home after the Steeler game on Sunday, it was also nice to see Philly smack the cowgirls in the mouth!!!

Mama Kat said...

On another note...who is that Arab looking guy Britney's currently dating? How do we feel about THAT!?!

Angie said...

moving onto the Giants..... are you pinching yourself... or do you believe it now???