Saturday, January 24, 2009

More Random Stuff ...

Since Alaina liked my ramblings last week, I figured I'd do another one.

* I can't understand people wearing jeans below their butts ... first it looks weird (I can get over it - I wore acid washed jeans), but there's no way this is comfortable, is it?

* Speaking of which, I figured it would never get crazier than when Kriss Kross wore their jeans backwards ... I was proven wrong.

* The movie Top Secret may be better than Airplane.

* Michael Irvin is hosting a reality show where the winner gets a preseason roster spot with the Cowboys ... and for some reason, I'm interested in watching this.

* I still like the idea of bacon-scented candles.

* I think my wife would eat cheese-flavored ice cream.

* Happy to hear the Farrelly brothers are moving forward with the Three Stooges movie.

* Those Geico commercials with the stack of money with eyeballs ... I hate those commercials! Stop, already! I'm sorry about what I said about the cavemen!

* Saw Gran Tourino this past week - amazing! Can't wait to see The Wrestler.

* Born to Run HAS to be one of the songs Bruce is playing at the Super Bowl, right?

* With the down economy, will the Super Bowl commercials be less entertaining?

* Beer.


Angie said...

Great list... Go Steelers!!!

Alaina said...

yea!!!! I do love your random lists... keep'em coming!

Cheese flavored ice cream? You'd think she lived in Wisconsin for Pete's sake!

Meiz said...

"I think my wife would eat cheese-flavored ice cream."

I will now attempt to ruin your marriage, and steal your wife.


Jeff said...

Cheese-flavored dairy product? Sue is SUCH a rebel.

Michael Irvin's show may be The Smoking Gun come to life. Imagine T.O., Pacman, and Tank Johnson in the same house with one job at stake. Hosted by the man who snorted the 50 yard line! Too bad Michael Vick and O.J. Simpson aren't available.

Lisa said...

Bacon scented candles? I love bacon, but that kinda made me throw up a little in my mouf. ...babspeapod