Friday, January 09, 2009

New Years 2008/09

Wow, can you believe that the holidays are over? I'm a little depressed ... we took our Christmas tree down, and even took down that obnoxiously big (and tacky) snow globe on our front lawn. It feels like it was just a week ago that we put the tree up ... sigh. And New Years ... geez ... I felt like I had just gotten to the party, and there was Dick Clark (who looked stiffer than a Maple Tree) wishing us a happy New Year.

Speaking of which, here are some pics from the party (yes, Ray-Ray and I once again are beer pong champions).

Ray-Ray's wife Christa thought that Hooters song was done by a band called "The Hot-Wing Knockers."

Schue tackling "Das Boot!"

The Beer Pong table - the site of the big victory.

The hosts of the party - another great job, guys!

Ray-Ray, what did you just eat?

The crowd waiting to bring in the new year ...


El Padrino said...

i love basements

schue said...

New Years Eve was fun! I hate the end of the holidays.

scargosun said...

You so did not have a show globe on your lawn.

Looks like a really good party. I am challenging you to beer pong though. Rules will be discussed and then it's on!