Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fast Food Corner

Fast food restaurants have bent over backwards to make chicken bite sized and fun ... The chicken tender, nugget, mcnugget, or popper ... it goes on and on and on. I for one am a big fan of these "fun-size" pieces of fowl. I pretty much like them all, but I do have my favorites. Below, is that list:

5. The BK Chicken Tender - Burger King boasts that its chicken pieces are real chicken, and not processed like McDonalds and Wendy's. I enjoy - they have a little bit of something ... not quite spicy, but definitely definitive (if that makes any sense).
4. McDonalds Chicken McNuggets - The actual "crust" is intriguing ... not really sure what they do to it ... it's not really flaky, more one big "skin." Even if the chicken is processed, it's pretty darn good, though.
3. Wendy's chicken nuggets - I think I love the fact that they are on the dollar menu the most. Really, it's a basic chicken nugget, but the dipping sauces are fantastic.
2. KFC chicken poppers - Really, sometimes its hard to even find the chicken in these fried wonders, but that's ok in my book.
1. Chick Fil-A's chicken nuggets - I think Chick Fil-A got it right with these ... for some reason, it seems more care was taken in crafting these wonderful morsals, and the breading seems to be unique compared to the others on the list.



El Padrino said...

oh no the mcnugget is king

-B- said...

You are 100% correct - Chik-fil-a wins!! None of the others compare to the REAL chicken that these are made of and the blend of spices for the coating. And the barbecue, honey-mustard, and polynesian dipping sauces are great too! Long live "CFAT" (Chik-Fil-A Thursday)! lol

Sandi said...

My kids love the Burger King ones because they are shaped like crown. I think my kids would like a piece of shit if it was shaped like a crown.

Heff said...

I was talking to a dude about this VERY topic over the weekend.

I must disagree STRONGLY this time around. Your # 4 is my # 1. The Chicken McNugget is by far the tastiest in my opinion. The Chick Fil-A I'm SURE has a better quality of chicken in it, but I LOVE that McDonald's "crust" on the McProcessed Nugget. It's really the only item I like from McDonald's.

The Preacherman said...

Kebabs!!! Food of the Gods!!!! You missed Kebabs!!!! Shame on you!!!!

Jeff said...

Eli Manning was this weekend's top chicken nugget.