Wednesday, January 21, 2009

History ...

Ladies and gentlemen, our country made history today ... We have officially elected someone other than a white (and old) male to president of the United States. Our new president has a lot of work cut out for him - a sick economy, an unpopular war, and a country divided (in many, many ways).

Probably the biggest obstacle for our new president is a divided government ... it's hard to get any positive work done when your coworkers can't work as a team. My hope is that he is able to unite us ... only then, good things can happen.

Yes sir, history has been made ... now Mr. President, please prove us all right in why we elected you. I have faith!


El Padrino said...

wait, when was this?

Ink and Stone said...

Here's to hoping.
But knowing how the political parties are, I'm not holding my breath.

Jeff said...

From today's Washington Post: "Less than half ... of the $355 billion that House leaders want to allocate to infrastructure and other so-called discretionary programs would be spent by Oct. 1, 2010. The rest would come in future years, long after the CBO and other economists predict the recession will have ended."

Obama can unite us by vetoing this beast, or sign it and unite Washington. I hope he can make good things happen, but expect him to prevent bad things that are under his control.

By the way, I think you mean "dysfunctional." Divided government is when one party holds the presidency and the other runs Congress.