Monday, January 12, 2009

Song of the Week

This one is a bit older than the others I've "nominated" the past few weeks, but I've heard it a few times on Slacker (look it up), and I am just reminded of how great of a song this is.

Citi Soleil, crafted by the Afghan Whigs on their final (and probably their best) album - 1966 (released in the late 1990's), probably won't hit you immediately. It starts off kind of slow, coming in with an acoustic guitar opening hook, underscored by a lightly audible beat. It's certainly got some Latin influences to it. The voice of Greg Dulli comes in softly, but grows to a growl as the "chorus" of the song approaches.

The song itself seems to be a type of a love song written for someone Greg Dulli can never get to - the chorus seems to overstate this, "Ooh child, I'll meet you child, on the other side, it's allright."

As the song progresses, the Latin influences seem to give way to (or share the stage with) a Reggae influence, complete with steel drums backdropping the song.

You can download the song on I-Tunes, and you can find more information about the band here.

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The Preacherman said...

I'd recommend

They've also an official website linked off of it.

Great sound. Marco Perroni of Adam and The Ants fame is a member.