Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fast Food Corner

Big Mac or Whopper? Whopper or Big Mac? I guess it really depends, doesn't it? I mean, are we talking JUST the sandwiches, or are we adding the fries with the sandwiches? My answer changes based on this ... but, for argument's sake, I'll comment just on the sandwiches (and remember, this is just my opinion).

The Big Mac, while certainly being a "big" sandwich, is just plain messy. Often (almost always) the bun crumbles in half long before one finishes the sandwich, and often, most of the toppings seem to end up on the plate. Sure, the taste of the burger is more than adequate, but I tend to like my burger to stay in one piece (call me crazy).

The Whopper is a big burger, and instead of consisting of multiple patties stacked on top of each other (with another piece of bread and toppings separating them - like the Big Mac), it consists of just one rather large patty. Not only do the toppings seem to be fresher, the flame-broiled aspect makes it taste almost like a burger you'd find at a summer barbecue. Plus, the burger holds together when eating ... which makes it more dynamic (you can eat it on the run, or while your driving, for example).

The Burger King Whopper wins this battle hands-down ... however, if you throw in the fries, I'd probably be more willing to go through the messiness of the Big Mac.


The Rev said...

Wendy's beats them both!

Lisa said...

Big burgers gross me out. It's like a big piece of m-e-a-t-l-o-a-f .... two of my least favorite words melted into a big word that is also one of my least favorites.

I'll take the double cheeseburger off the dollar menu at McDonald's, if I must. ....babspeapod

Meiz said...

"I'll take the double cheeseburger off the dollar menu at McDonald's"

Good luck. Its the McDouble now. Only 1 slice of cheese. Boooooo.

-B- said...

I agree - The Whopper wins the taste test. One thing though, the burger patty in it is thinner than ever these days!
Also I was never a fan of the "middle" piece of bread in a sandwich (Big Mac, any club sandwich) - I'd rather that space be filled with more meat!!!

El Padrino said...

any diner burger beats them both

Heff said...

I've said it before, I'll say it again - BurgerKing's burgers kick the krap out of McDonalds.

I've recently tried BurgerKing's "Altered Whopper", the "Angry Burger". I may post about it soon.

Sandi said...

I totally disagree--Definately the Big Mac is tastier.

If you throw in the fries, it's a true no-brainer. How can Burger King have such bad French fries?

schue said...

I'm a cheeseburger eatin woman. i've bites of your big mac..hay-o, but still love the cheeseburgers. You may have to talk about Zac's burgers and their delicious fries that are very similar to McD's.

Stevil VU said...

Even adding in the fries, I'd still go Whopper. Nothing compares to the flame broiled taste....it's like a carnival in your mouth! Take away the special sauce, and just slather some ketchup on the Big Mac, and we wouldn't even be having this conversation.