Monday, January 05, 2009

Song of the week

I'm a big, big fan of the band Orson ... and not because Orson was the name of the person Mork always reported to in Mork and Mindy (although, that's pretty cool, too). Just a fun band, with a pretty cool '80's sound. And the song I can't get out of my head is their hit - No Tomorrow. The song starts off with a riff similar to a Keith Richards Riff, with a "four-on-the-floor" disco drum beat. The song is full of catchy hooks, and great lines like "The cover's only 20 bucks, and even if the DJ sucks, it's time crank this mother out." Here's some more info from Wikipedia:

Orson is a BRIT Award-winning American rock band from Hollywood, California who formed in 1999. Originally the band called themselves Halogen. Recently they were also known as Dr. Lady. Their self-financed debut Bright Idea, released by Mercury Records in 2006, was produced in Los Angeles by Noah Shain and went on to find chart success in the UK with their first single, "No Tomorrow". The album reached the number 1 slot in their respective categories.

The band first played on UK radio during a live session on the Dermot O'leary Show, BBC Radio 2. Following this they appeared at the 2006 Virgin Mobile V Festival in Staffordshire and Chelmsford, England in the UK. Whilst in Chelmsford, the lead singer exclaimed 'Its good to be home!'. This is due to the fact that the band relocated to London, from Los Angeles, in 2006.

And, here's a link to their My Space page.


El Padrino said...

seems like most bands are from UK lately, no?


The Manic Street Preacher said...

yep. The UK...weird

Just about sums it up....

Happy New Year old bean