Friday, January 08, 2010

Weird News

Happy New Year All! I hope you had a safe and happy party, and that 2010 makes 2009 look like a turd.

1. On a Danish cartoonist who made the turban bomb cartoon depicting radical Islam as violent being attacked by a radical Muslim with an axe and a knife.
"Hmmmph ... that oughtta show that cartoonist and all the world!"

2.On a man in the U.S. who has 'bought' an item on Amazon with a price tag of nearly three billion dollars - just to see what would happen.
"I hope shipping and handling was included!"

3. On a girl who punched a guy in the nose after weird sex.
"That's what you get when you try to stick it in her ear ..."

4. On firefighters responding to a Utah trailer park blaze being hampered by 19 pet pythons.
"And, don't forget about all of those 'uncle-daddies!'"

5. On a man passing Out whilst cooking meth at a gas station.
"After that, he was planning on taking a bath in rocket fuel ..."

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