Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Weekly Homework Assignment

It's time once again for Mama Kat's Weekly Homework Assignment (first of the year for me, baby!). For this week's prompt, I chose the following: 5.) Write about a heated argument you had with your parents (real or fictitious).

My parents were very strict ... I can probably thank my older brother for this ... he found all the lines, and jumped over them ... which caused my parents to tighten the reigns on me. It was probably for my own good (ok, it was definitely for my own good), but at the time, I didn't see it.

The main we had on a repeated basis was with regards to my curfew. My weekend curfew throughout high school was 11:00 PM on weekend nights. I felt that this was far too early. After all, most parties didn't really start until after 9:00, and didn't get going until around midnight, or so I was told. I especially liked the following phrase I heard over and over again - "Karl, you missed it!"

I argued, complained, whined, and cried. Nothing worked. I even put together good "defenses," claiming that my brainy friends were allowed to stay out longer than me. My parents never bought this (even though it was true). Not until late in my senior year did my parents ever bend on the 11:00 curfew, and it took a good friend of mine to basically be my "lawyer." He was well spoken, and for some reason, my parents trusted him more than anybody (including me), even though he was a major party animal. Go figure.


Four Dinners said...

My adopted mother threw mw down the stairs on a regular basis from the age of about 4 until 11.

On those grounds I didn't tend to argue with the old bat!!

Jenners said...

Oh I can't even tell you how much it bugged me when my friends (who were really "bad" in the secret world of kids) got more respect than me from my parents!!! Just thinking about it burns me up!

And I love that you enlisted a friend to act as your lawyer! Brilliant move!

Steph said...

My parents always thought I needed to be home at 11 on the weekends too. I finally just started staying out till midnight and they just dealt with it.

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

11:00 doesn't sound strict to me at all! That sounds real late for a school night! I side with your parents on this one.

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