Saturday, January 09, 2010

Fast Food Corner

We have a convenience store in this area called Wawa. Basically, the store consits of items like soda, chips, pretzels, candy, cigs, and other heavily used items. The store also has a "made to order" section, where you can build your own hoagies (or subs or hereos, etc.) - types like turkey, tuna, chicken salad, cheese-steak, etc. The sandwiches are surprisingly good, mainly because Wawa doesn't skimp out on the rolls (the most overlooked part of the sandwich for many of these "delis").

Wawa also puts together a pretty good breakfast sandwich. In fact, they have many varieties they call "Sizzlis," including egg sandwiches with bacon, sausage or turkey sausage on muffins, biscuits, or bagels (and even pancakes now). These are pre-made, and sit on a heated surface near the counter, so one can easily get in line, and pick up a sandwich without the wait. From a convenience factor, these sandwiches are a plus. Also, they are very easy to eat whilst driving - a key must for any fast-food sandwich. And, the quality of the sandwiches matches up with sandwiches from McDonalds or any other fast-food restaurant.

So, if you're in the Philadelphia or tri-state area and you see a Wawa, check it out, and treat yourself to a sandwich (man, I should get some kind of Wawa coupon for this).


Jeff said...

Wawa also -- usually -- has the cheapest gas.

Lisa said...

Have you tried The Gobbler yet? It's basically a Thanksgiving hoagie. Delicious ... hopefully it'll stay on the menu for a while.

-B- said...

Gobbler is good! Also - for breakfast the turkey sausage with egg and cheese on a bagel is surprisingly good!