Saturday, January 02, 2010

Dope or Nope ...

We've been inundated with Tiger Woods stories for the past 3 weeks. It seems that no matter where you look, what radio station you are listening to, or what magazine you are reading, you'll probably see some Tiger Woods tidbit. It is arguably the biggest sports/scandal story of the decade.

My question is this - are you sick of it? I normally get nauseated by over-reporting on news stories, but for some reason, I'm fascinated by this. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's that German phrase, "Schadenfreude," which basically means having joy in other people's pain. Maybe it's because Tiger had that image of being perfect.

Perhaps it's his arrogance. The man is certainly one of the 5 or 10 most recognizable faces on the planet, right? How did he think he could possibly get away with sleeping around with close to 20 sluts while he was married? Seriously. Is he really THAT arrogant? I bet he has a powder blue body leotard with an S on the front and a red cape in his closet.

Definitely another reason is his arrogance with regards to how he handled this situation. He scolded the media for telling lies, then had to come out and say it was all true. Then, he talked about his right to privacy. Look, he has made so much money playing golf, and accepting sponsorships with seemingly dozens of companies, that his right to privacy pretty much ends at the front door of his house. Tiger, you can't have it both ways, my friend. You have no problems making a billion dollars on advertising and sponsorships, yet when it comes to paparazzi taking pictures of you, you shun the fame. Sorry bud, it doesn't work that way.

Anyway, obviously, I find this over-coverage as a major dope! What are your thoughts?


Nozzledamus said...


it's the sex

Jeff said...

That's a lot of words to say that he's over-covered.

Steph said...

Oh yeah... DOPE for sure!

Heff said...

Dope, baby.