Tuesday, January 05, 2010

80's Corner

Being a nerd really came into fashion in the 1980's ... especially with the advent of Dungeons and Dragons. Millions of prepubescent and early adolescent children found an escape from reality in this one-of-a-kind board game where dice rolls determined skill level, and dressing the part was all part of the game.

It was a Friday night ritual for millions of kids who couldn't get dates. A typical night included chips, pizza, and lots of soda. I'm sure it wasn't out of the ordinary to have some Rick Astley playing in the background.

Surprisingly, I never took part in D&D, but I did know quite a few people who were avid fans. However, I did play a game on the Commodore 64 called Telengard which was very similar to Dungeons and Dragons.

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Four Dinners said...

I used to work with a guy who, at 29 years old, still went around dressed as a wizard when he socialised.

I can't recall him being 'on' anything....;-)