Saturday, January 16, 2010

80's Corner

Fruit Rollups were a big craze in the 1980's - fruit snacks that looked like colored paper ... who would've thunk it? This innovative product came out when I was in grade school, so you know I was all about carrying thther e rollups!

I'm not really sure if I even enjoyed the taste of the fruit rollups so much as I enjoyed the fact that I actually had fruit rollups in my possession ... if that makes any sense. After all, these fruit rollups ended up sticking to the roof of my mouth all of the time, and it really didn't satisfy me (like a Snickers bar would), but still, I requested said fruit rollups ... in a way, it was like a status symbol.


Lisa said...

They taste terrible, but look cool.

snowelf said...

Fruit rollups were ALL the rage when I was in elementary school. Anyone who was anyone had them in their lunch. The original ones with the seedy taste are a lot better than the ones they make today though. Have you had one lately? They taste like flavored plastic.


Steph said...

I liked the ones you could tear shapes out of.

El Pad said...

i still eat this