Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Song of the Week

As many of you already know, The Who will be the halftime attraction during this year's Super Bowl, continuing a streak of aging rock-stars headlining the big game - The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, and Bruce Springsteen were some of the others that followed up Janet Jackson's boob.

Some people think this is a travesty, and admittedly, the NFL has gotten very, very conservative with their choices (hmmmph, who would've thought the Stones and the Who would ever be considered conservative and safe ... a topic for another blog). But, I'm excited for the Who, even if 2 of the members have died. They are one of my top 3 favorite bands of all time (The Stones are by far my favorite, and I really dig the Kinks too).

In fact, I heard one of their songs on the radio last night (which spurred me to blog about them) - Eminence Front. No, the song does not appear on a classic Who Album like Who's Next or Quadrophenia. And no, it didn't come out in the hey-day of the Who. This diddy came out during one of the last "creative" times of the Who, off of the album "It's Hard" in the early 1980's. (Sure, the Who have written more songs since, but very sporadically, and with hardly any success).

The song itself starts with percussian similar to Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight," and maybe Phil got inspired by this song. According to Wikipedia, the song "itself focuses on the hedonistic lifestyle that was prevalent during the 1980s.[dubious – discuss] The lyrics concern a party in which people ignore their problems and merely try to hide behind a facade — an 'eminence front.'"


Steph said...

I love The Who. This may be reason enough to watch the super bowl. Los, are you a college basketball fan?

-B- said...

Great song - great band. The Who is responsible for what I think is one of the greatest rock songs of all time - "Won't Get Fooled Again"

LOVE that song!!!! Los - you could start these blog posts - greatest rock song of all time (or any genre) - and greatest rock vocalist scream ever (Roger Daltry belts a great one out in that song YEAH!!!!!)