Sunday, January 17, 2010

Song of the Week

I went to see a Rolling Stones tribute band at the Keswich theatre last night - and though nothing beats the real thing, these guys pulled off a great show. So, since (a) I'm a huge Stones fan, and (b) I saw a tribute band in concert (and heck, it's my blog, dammit!), I'm choosing a Stones song as the song of the week.

A true Rolling Stones fan appreciates more than just the mainstream hits (you know, like Honky Tonk Woman, Start Me Up, etc.). My favorite Stones song performed by Keith Richards is an often-forgotten diddy from 1978's masterpiece - Some Girls. The song ... "Before They Make Me Run." Allegedly, the song is in response to an incident in Toronto in which Keith Richards was almost jailed for an extended period of time ... an incident which almost broke up the band.

The song features Richards as lead singer, but also on the bass guitar (not the normal instrument of choice for Richards). Additionally, Mick Jagger is in the roll of background vocals (also not the usual for the front-man). It's a straight up rocker of a song, and will be sure to have you tapping your toes.

This song was never released as a single, and there was never a video created. However, that has never stopped people from getting creative on Youtube:


snowelf said...

I had to listen to this since I'd never heard it. Not bad. Not bad at all. :)


-B- said...

What a groove! But I would have prefered Jaggar singing it I think.