Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Dope or Nope ...

Sports athletes who try to crossover into movies ... I'm not sure how I feel about this. If you've retired and accomplish this, but what about when you're still playing sports. Shaq tried to do this a couple of times, and failed miserably - most notably with Kazam. Michael Jordan attempted this and fared a little better with the Warner Brother's "Space Jam" movie.

Now, it seems as if King Lebron James is going to take a stab at this. Really LeBron? How rich do you need to be? Isn't your face on TV enough already? What's next - a rap album (like Shaq tried to do as well)?

Am I thinking too much about this? Should I not even care? What do you think?


Four Dinners said...

I think a sport containing 7 foot freaks wearing ludicrously long shorts and bouncing a large ball should be treated with the disdain it deserves....;-)

Thank Christ The World Cup starts just after the football season is over.

Heff said...

NOPE. If you can't spell, you probably can't act, either.

Reference Dennis Rodman, or basically ANY others.

Sandi said...


sirgeb said...

I'm looking forward to using King James in the new NBA Jam, but I won't see his new flick.

However, I loved Kareem Abdul Jabbar in Airplane. So I say cameos are probably alright for sports folks, but if they're a lead role in a movie, then it'll probably suck.

Jeff said...

Too bad O.J. Simpson didn't do his own stunts in The Naked Gun.

But really: can James be any worse than Beyonce was in the 3rd Austin Powers movie?