Monday, April 19, 2010

Song of the Week

The Kinks are probably best known for their songs in the 1960's like "You Really Got Me," "All Day and All of the Night," or maybe "Lola." Believe it or not, The Kinks as a band released music well into the 1990's, and are still releasing music as solo musicians ... sure, it's not mainstream, but it's still pretty good music from an underrated group.

One of my favorite Kinks song comes from their last studio album, "Phobia," released in 1993. At the time, I was deep into the Kinks, and couldn't wait for this album to drop. For the most part, this album displays undertones of the tension in the band - mainly between brothers Ray and Dave Davies.

This tension and strife is perfectly displayed in the album's best 'rocker' track, called "Hatred." As mentioned, it's very fast-paced, possibly the "fastest" song the Kinks have ever played (maybe Add It Up comes close to its tempo). Phraes like "You keep on accusing me of making your life misery, but if that's not abusing me what is it," are littered throughout the song.

The "Hatred ... whooo-hoo-hoo" chorus is catchy and addicting, and the clever use of the instruments makes this underrated Kinks track a keeper.


Sandi said...

Celluloid Heroes is my favorite Kinks song.

And you know I'm a true Kinks fan if I know that song.

Heff said...

I believe the Kinks did a song called "Paranoia" in the 80's. It was pretty good.

Superstar said...

AHHHHH you really got me now...~sings~ You really got me now....
Great one!

Realliveman said...

OMG! The Kinks! It's 420!!!