Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wacky News Stories

Flyers beat the Devils in a playoff series?!?!? Am I dreaming? I'm sure I'll be woken up soon enough by Ovechkin and the Caps.

1. On North Dakota twin sisters asking twin brothers to the prom:
"This has some sort of CBS sitcom featuring Ray Romano written all over it."

2. On a North Carolina town banning thongs at beaches:
"Our European 'friends' should be happy to know that Speedos are still allowed."

3. On the invention of solar trash cans:
"The inventor of the Pet Rock thinks this is a stupid invention."

4. On 7-11 announcing it will be selling it's own kind of beer:
"Flavors will include grape and cherry."

5. On an eagle being knocked out by a golf ball on a golf course:
"So, how's this one scored?"


Heff said...

Hell, I don't even like buying BRAND NAME beer at 7-11's !!

El Padrino said...

7/11 beer is hilarious

Jeff said...

1. Sounds like a porn script.

2. I saw some people on South Beach in Miami who should be forced to wear a suit of armor.

3. Oscar the Grouch not consulted.

4. Does it come in 40-oz bottles?

5. Paging Dave Winfield.