Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wacky News Stories

I wish politicians on both sides of the aisle would grow up and stop being babies ... oh yea, and do what's right for the people, not the party ... just sayin'.

1. On a story about men getting their nostrils waxed:
"What does the winner get?"

2. On a man calling 911 after hooker fails to deliver in fast food bathroom:
"The advertisement said 30 minutes or it's free!"

3. On a Catholic priest punching a Jehovah's Witness in the face:
"Actually, this isn't so bad considering the other stuff Catholic Priests have been accused of doing in recent times."

4. On a trucker claiming 40,000 pounds of chicken saved his life:
"This after his truck ran 'a-fowl.'"

5. On schools using Grand Theft Auto games to teach kids about violence:
"Let me guess how they use those Leisure Suit Larry games ..."


Heff said...

Leisure Suit Larry ! A personal fav !

Steph said...

Nose waxing? Sounds like something my husband needs. I bought him a nose hair trimmer one year for Christmas. I tell him at least once a week, "Tuck it in or pull it out."

scargosun said...

Love the JW story. Have to say that priest kinda had a reason to hit him

Jeff said...

"Grown up politicians" is like "jumbo shrimp."

1. These are metrosexuals, not men. No real man gets his nostrils waxed.

2. New movie: Eliot Spitzer Goes to White Castle.

3. Russell Crowe became a priest?

4. How hungry was he?

5. Sex Ed class now held in the back room of the video store.