Friday, April 16, 2010

Funny Movie Scene

I LOOOOOVVVVEEE a good spoof movie. The Zucker Brothes were brilliant with these - who could forget Airplane, Top Secret, Hot Shots .... and possibly the best of them all - The Naked Gun!

One of my favorite scenes is the "music video" scene and which Frank and Jane spend some quality time together. I particularly like when they come out of the movie theater laughing hysterically ... notice the movie that's being featured. Classic stuff!


Heff said...


The 80's movie AIRPLANE! certainly set Leslie Nielson up for a GREAT comedy career.

scargosun said...

Totally remember that scene even though I only saw it once. The laughing outside the theater was the best!

Ink and Stone said...

Classic indeed!

Four Dinners said...

It leaves the wifey cold. I love it! It is very American mind so didn't travel as well as it deserved but still did very well over here.

Quite right too!

Jeff said...

Nice beaver!
Thanks, I just had it stuffed.