Sunday, April 11, 2010

Song of the Week

Most of you probably haven't heard of a band called Platinum Blonde. This band's hey-day was in the 1980's ... in Canada. In Canada, this band was HUGE, as is evidenced by their recent induction in the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. Outside of Canada ... not so much.

In their early days, they were compared to Duran Duran with their sound ... however, as they progressed, they became more of a glam-rock band. Their best album happens to be their first album - Standing in the Dark. It was an cassette that my parents' Canadian friends sent to me at Christmas one year (believe it was 1983). That's how I was introduced to this band. I played Standing in the Dark night and day and pretty much played that cassette into the ground. I went on to buy Platinum Blonde's other releases, but honestly, nothing compares to Standing in the Dark.

My favorite song is the very first song on the album - "Doesn't Really Matter." It has in interesting opening - a female voice asking "Are you sitting comfortabley? Then we'll begin." This is followed by quite a guitar opening which spills into quite a rocker. What's intriguing about this song is that it's really a song against military aggression ... Most of Platinum Blonde's other songs stay far far away from political talk.

Great drums, nice guitar, and a strong bass. What more could you ask for from a Canadian glam band?

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Heff said...

That DOES have a "Double-Duran" sound to it !