Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Wacky News Stories

Tiger this ... Tiger that ... ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!

1. On a Vermont town that says it has won a $150,000 state grant to install a salamander crossing sign:
"Why do I get the feeling that the Geico lizard had something to do with this?"

2. On "Easter Bunny" being on the menu at a couple of Arizona restaurants:
"Geez, I wonder what's on their menu at Christmas?"

3. On a three-year-old taking a car on a 2-block spin:
"Looks like NASCAR has a new recruit."

4. On a man slapping a drive-thru attendant because it took McDonalds too long to get him his Filet-o'-Fish sandwich:
"What if it were you hangin' up on that wall ..."

5. On an assistant principal who pulled a prank on April Fools day by saying the prom was canceled:
"This guy's a real card ... we'll have to deal with him later ..."


Ink and Stone said...

"On "Easter Bunny" being on the menu at a couple of Arizona restaurants"

HAHAHAAH, there's something really funny about that. :)

Heff said...

Hey, I just heard Tiger Woods cheated on his wife with MULTIPLE partners !

Hey, just kiddin' !

El Padrino said...

fucking tiger

Jeff said...

1. VT lizards can read?
2. Not like the Sixers were using Hip Hop anymore.
3. Send him a NJ license.
4. Did he at least sing the Filet-o-Fish song during the assault?
5. The teachers' union filed a grievance when they found out it was just a prank.