Friday, April 09, 2010

Thinkin' about another "topic"

I have a bunch of weekly topics - 80's corner, Fast Food Corner, Song of the Week, Fast Food corner ... just to name a few. How 'bout this one - a favorite movie scene corner - I figure I could post a movie scene that I love, and see your thoughts on it. Let me give it a try.

I was watching Rat Race ... a movie that had several funny scenes, but was unfortunately a little uneven (the ending was awful). One particular scene shows Whoopi Goldber and her "daughter" coming out of a "rocket car" and then being mixed in with a "special needs" bus. Whoopi is normally more annoying than funny, but she pulls off (in my opinion) one of her funniest lines ever.


Heff said...

"Anonymous Boxer" is doing something similar to this. You ought to check her out and join in !

Superstar said...

"we came on the rocket car"..LOL Classic!!!