Sunday, November 29, 2009

80's Corner

The 1980's brought us one of the greatest sit-coms in the history of television. A sitcom that, strangely enough, took place in a bar ... where everybody knew your name? That's right, I'm talking about Cheers!

It is a goal of most people (well, if it isn't, it should be!) to be a recognized name/face in a neighborhood bar, much like the lovable (yet unemployed) Norm. To reach those social heights truly is remarkable (and possibly expensive).

The show itself had a bumpy start, almost being canceled after the first season. NBC did the impossible, and decided to stick with the show, and it gradually gained momentum. The show consisted of a core group of characters, even though throughout its existence, the show did lose some key "players." Surprisingly, the show was able to replace them, for instance, replacing Coach with Woody, or Diane with Rebecca, and still be able to be funny and witty.

A show that mostly took place in a bar - a novel concept indeed!


schue said...

One of my favorite shows! "Cool Hand Luke" is the sweatiest movie ever made - episode 1.

Yes I protest too much said...

one of my favorite shows in the history of tv