Monday, November 23, 2009

Fast Food Corner

Looks like somebody beat me to the punch!

Since I did the $1 burger review the other day, I figured it convenient to do the $1 chicken sandwich review. I'll add a couple of more fast food joints, since they serve them too.

KFC has the Snacker - really just a fried chicken finger put between two buns. It's simplistic, but at a dollar, not too bad (especially if you like their chicken fingers). The roll has sesame seeds, which for some reason, is a bonus. Sadly, their fries suck.

Sonic has a $1 chicken sandwich as well - they actually put two small chicken fingers in between the bun, but the bun seems to fall apart too easily. Still, sometimes quantity over quality has its advantages. Plus, their fries are pretty darn good (and you can even get tots!).

Burger King has the $1 Tendercrisp, and it's a very good effort. They too have a sesame seed bun, and the filet is nice-sized. Toppings are pretty good, but don't always look as fresh as they should. And, I've already spoke about the fries last week.

McDonalds' effort is similar to the McDouble ... for the most part, bland, with a roll that doesn't have sesame seeds. Nothing stands out, BUT the fries always seem to make the sandwich taste better (on a side note, why hasn't any fast-food place, with the exception of Arby's, come up with a really good fry?).

Wendy's $1 chicken sandwich is the original on the dollar menu. The roll is buttery, the toppings are fresh, and thankfully the sandwich is bigger than the $1 burger. One of the many reasons why Wendy's still has the best $1 menu around.


Four Dinners said...

Now as a man who has a reputation for eating anything edible...and a number of things that are, at best, questionably edible....I will nollonger partake of any KFC or McDonalds quite simply cause it is shite.

It may, or may not, taste ok but it shite of the highest order.

KFC and McDonalds should be avoided by all sane people.

Put the fast food arseholes out of business.

So there.

Steph said...

KFC is gross. At least the one here is anyway. I wish we had a sonic.

snowelf said...

I totally agree!! Let's hear it for Wendys! :) Yay!
They really do have very good food if you're gonna indulge in the food of the fast persuasion. ;)


-B- said...

I agree - Wendy's is the top dog of the fast food joints. (Maybe I shouldn't use the word dog in a fast food comment!) Also - maybe I'm getting old, but went to Friendly's with the family last night, and ordered a grilled flounder dinner instead of all that fried stuff... and it was really good!!!! Who knew they were capable? lol

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