Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dope or Nope

"Quit smiling! You're slowing everyone down!"

I have to thank my coworker "Fozzie" for this one - a tremendous effort!

What do you guys and gals think about a person paying with a check in the express checkout line in the supermarket? Doesn't this defeat the purpose of "express?" And, really, I guess I could've expanded this to writing a check anywhere but at home? With the invention of check cards, what's the point? But, I digress.

You can probably guess where I sit on this, as I normally get very upset when someone goes through a 12-item-or-less express check-out with 13 items ... follow the rules, dammit!


Jeff said...

What's worse is people in the express line who write a check AND get change.

But still nowhere near as bad as the idiots who get in line before they're done shopping -- the spouse picks up the last few items.

Sandi said...

People who write checks in the supermarket piss me off.

Steph said...

Checks are lame. I agree that a person should only write checks at home.