Monday, November 02, 2009

Song of the Week

Well, since Halloween recently came and went (no kids came to our door this year ... oh well, more chocolate for me!), and since I just did an MJ post yesterday, I might as well do a post on possibly the most popular Halloween song of all-time - Thriller!

I remember this song being played nauseatingly frequently on 98-WCAU-Hot Hits when I was growing up. At the time, I didn't mind - I guess I liked repetition of pop songs at the time for some reason. Obviously, the Thriller album got lots of pub, and was wildly successful. Songs like Beat It, and Billy Jean spent weeks at the top of the charts.

But, the title cut probably was the most successful song on the album. Part of the thanks has to do with when the song was released - right near Halloween ... very fitting. But, the 13-minute video that was directed by John Landis, launched this song into the upper-echelon of pop-hits ever. The video, which was more like a short movie, raised the bar for music videos throughout the 80's and most of the 90's. Sadly, MTV decided music videos were no longer important, and phased them off of their channel (truly sad).

One other classic piece is the voice of Vincent Price in the song - from those who remember, Vincent Price was associated very much with the "horror" genre, and his voice fits in this song like a glove. I used to know his entire "script" by heart (which wasn't hard to do, considering how often it was played on the radio).

Below - the classic video:


El Padrino said...

fantastic song, great video

Lisa said...

How did such a weirdo come up with such great stuff? I admit it .... I liked (and still like) a lot of his music. It's the pedophilia that I have a problem with.

Four Dinners said...


Great song

Great video

Great Paedo

allright...I dunno for sure but, let's face it, he was weird. Talented yeah...even if you don't go for his music he was enormously talented but...weird.

In a big way.

Actually....I wonder if he wasn't a paedo as we know them but a constant child trapped in a mans body.


(Some) of his music will live on 'cause it was different / original.

Beat It / Thriller / Bad / The Way You Make Me Feel / Smooth Criminal etc etc....

Strange man/child

He may well have been a paedo....but I doubt he was evil with it.....just not all there...a sandwich short of a picnic....a chicken short of a McSandwich....a bit of dog short of a kebab....

Given the amount of powerful people around's a disgrace nobody tried to help him lead a normal(ish) life....

What a sad little rich kid he was eh?