Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fast Food Corner

I've been seeing a lot of commercials in the past month or so on the "Value" menus from the three main competitors - McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy's. Specifically, they've begun fighting on the double-cheeseburger front. All 3 have their plusses and minuses - let's take a look:

The McDouble:
* Plus - one can order a side of the World's greatest fries with it.
* Minus - It's probably the most basic and blandest of the burgers.

The Wendy's Double Stack:
* Plus - Fresh meat, tasty bun, best toppings.
* Minus - It's the smallest of the 3.

The BK Double:
* Plus - Flame broiled DOES make a difference, plus, it's the biggest of the three.
* Minus - Those Fries are just AWFUL! Plus, most BK's are REALLY SLOW.


Four Dinners said...

KFC are apparently scalding their chickens to death prior to cooking them. I have no idea why but that's my Zingers down the tpan. Never again!!!

Gimme a decent chicken vindaloo anyday!!!!

Sandi said...

Oh, BK does have the world's worst fries. How does one go about making such a bad French frie? And their onion rings are even worse.

Ink and Stone said...

Really? I like BK's fries better than the other two. When they're actually cooked right, that is.

And avoid NK's steakhouse burger or whatever they called it. It tastes horrible, something akin to death I would imagine.

Steph said...

I like Wendy's the best. The burgers are delicious and if you go to the right one you can get cheese sauce for the soggy fries.

Heff said...


sirgeb said...

Only the BK one has 2 slices of cheese.

mmmm cheese.

Los said...

Heff - I still don't have access to your site! I'd love to visit!

Heff said...

H.B.A.G. IS ON HIATUS. NO ONE is able to view it currently. Nothing personal, lol.

Blogger said...

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