Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Fast Food Corner

Lots of fast food restaurants try and drum up business by doing special giveaways or contests. Burger King and McDonalds seem to lead the way with these - sponsoring movies like Transformers or Jumanji by pasting the movie titles and characters on soda cups, sandwich wrappers, bags, and the store (and bombarding us with commercials reminding us that McDonalds and Transformers have teamed up). Let's not forget those cheap "prizes" that come with the happy meals. Kids love these "toys" for some reason ... heck, I remember wanting McDonalds happy meals just to get my hands on Ronald's toys ... er, wait, that didn't sound good.

I remember collecting these Transformer Happy Meal toys as a kid - this was back when the cartoon was out (not the blockbuster movies that I can't get into for some reason). McDonalds "transformed" their meals into "Transformers." The thing is, that these transformers really didn't have any weapons ... all they did was change from a chicken McNugget box into a ... well ... um ... a chicken McNugget robot. And, unlike the intricate detail given to the actual Transformers, there was not much detail at all the Mc-Formers. Oh well, I guess you get what you pay for.


Sandi said...

My son loves those shitty toys. Each week, after soccer I take the kids to either Burger King or McDonald's for lunch. The decision depends on whichs shitty toy they are giving away.

snowelf said...

I totally forgot about the Mc-Formers! Too funny. I remember there being a fries and a big mac and the chicken nuggets, but I'm not sure about the others. We very rarely had fast food as kids and my parents don't care for McDonalds, so I never had any of my own. I did have some stuffed animals from Hardees since my dad liked that. Remember when they used to carry those Disney stuffed animals?


El Padrino said...

these were the COOLEST