Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Fast Food Corner

A couple of us went to one of those Taco Bell/KFC "restaurants" this past weekend ... First, let me say that I absolutely LOVE these places! Think of the possibilities - I can order tacos AND pop-corn chicken without ever having to go to TWO restaurants! An awesome concept, to say the least. I'll even go a step further - I've seen a Taco Bell/KFC/Pizza Hut SUPER restaurant ... sure, it's hard to order a pizza from a place that serves tacos and chicken, BUT I find it much easier to order those delicious bread sticks from there ... but I digress.

This particular taco bell/KFC must've been the absolute worst fast food restaurant in Delaware County (and quite possibly, the world). Absolute chaos gripped this restaurant - no clear directions on where to stand to order food or receive food, listless workers doing the bare minimum to get paid, Van Morrison music on the radio (still can't get that annoying Domino song out of my head).

It wouldn't be so bad if the the bad times stopped there. No, the food itself was terrible - even for a fast food restaurant. These employees apparently decided it was ok to "improvise" with creating fast food - for instance, the Mexican Pizza, which is supposed to include flour tortillas, instead had corn tortillas ... oh, and it also was supposed to include beef and refried beans ... however, these employees decided it was ok to skip the beef entirely. Sometimes, innovation is welcome and encouraged ... sometimes. But, usually, these should be "piloted" on volunteers, as opposed to being served to paying customers ... ones who will probably never, ever come back again, based on the awful, awful experience.

But hey, at least there are other Taco Bells in the area, I guess...


Ink and Stone said...

I haven't been to one of these hybrid restaurants yet, unless you count the eatery at the mall as one. Though, tacos and fried chicken sounds like a good combination!

El Padrino said...


sirgeb said...

the problem with these places is that they can't do any of the things well.

It's a great concept, but more often than not, the poor execution ruins it