Friday, April 17, 2009

Song of the Week

George Thorogood is many things - a heckuva blues guitarist, a successful rocker, a guy from Delaware ... heck, he was almost a member of the Rolling Stones (a blog post for another time). The first time I noticed Thorogood was when I watched his "Bad to the Bone" video on MTV - it may be one of the coolest videos ever ... Thorogood playing pool with the legendary Willie Mosconi. (Here's the video in case you've never had the pleasure of seeing it)

Not only is the video cool - the song is a true rock song, complete with overwhelming riffs, classic saxaphone, and a primal beat. Thorogood's voice is perfect for this song - scratchy, loud, and mean. It's one of those songs that just makes you want to go out, have a drink, and start some trouble (not that I'm condoning any of this). There are a number of fantastic guitar solos in this gem, as well as some cool/funny lines - "When I walk the streets, Kings and Queens step aside ... every woman I meat, they all stay satisfied."

Here's more info on Thorogood, in case you're interested:

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well read hostess said...

He dated my camp counselor in 1979. We came back from the All Camp Dance to find them, uh, being bad to the bone, in our cabin!