Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Song of the Week

As many of you probably know, I dislike country music ... no, it's probably closer to outright hating it. Look, I know they are talented musicians, but it's just not me ... I don't like the twanginess of the music, and I especially hate much of the themes.

That said, there are some country songs I like ... a very few, actually ... you can probably count them on one hand. This particular one fits in perfectly during this time of year - baseball season. Alabama, a legendary country band, put together a little diddy about America's sport (or, at least, what used to be America's sport) in the early 1990's, called "Cheap Seats."

Really, the song is more about minor league baseball, as opposed to major league baseball, but still, it fits. The "story-line" goes into following a minor league team in a small town, drinking beers, eating hot dogs with lots of mustard and relish, and how even though the world around this town continues to grow bigger and bigger, this town can always escape from this by going to a minor league game and "transporting back" to a simpler time.

Yes, there is some twanginess to it, but not that much really. Yes, you can tell it's a country song, but still ... the main chorus is really catchy, and the actual theme is more than tolerable.

You can see the video here:


snowelf said...

I have never thought of that song as a country song. I think you're safe. ;)


Heff said...

Heff despises the Country music. I'll overlook the video link completely, like steppin' over a cow pie in boots.