Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weekly Homework Assignment

Tough call this week with Mama Kat's weekly homework assignment. I don't usually read books, but as luck would have it, I actually did read one, thanks to a recommendation a friend gave me at work ... heck, he even let me borrow the book.

I guess he came up with the recommendation based on my German heritage ... we may even have been talking about Cape May (I had recently taken a trip there), and some of the "mysteries" of the town. One of the mysteries or "legends" has to do with a German U-boat (submarine) that was sunk just off the coast of Cape May in World War 2. A book about this was written a few years ago, called "Shadow Divers."

The story itself is about a some scuba divers who discovered a wreck off the coast of Cape May, and spent the better part of a decade trying to identify it. The writing of Robert Kurson is so good, it makes you feel like you're searching the wreck with these heroic divers ... even at times feeling like you're oxygen tank is running out of air.

Best of all (in my opinion), it paints these doomed submarine crewmen as humans ... not devils who were part of the Nazi regime ... something hardly ever done when writing about World War 2 (I guess that's quite understandable, based on the atrocities the Nazis inflicted on the Jews and the rest of the world). It's a surprisingly quick read, and is really hard to put down ... I read so much, so quickly, that I had dreams about scuba-diving ... and I never have had an urge to do this.


Mama Kat said...

I'm glad you read a book. That's good.

Nazis are not good.

Sumbmarines are ok.

Nazis drowning on submarines sounds exciting.

What's next on the book reading list?

Jeff said...

What? Not a rasslin' book? I think I need oxygen.

You're welcome to borrow the Pulitzer Prize-winning "An Army at Dawn," about the US entering WW2 via North Africa. Great book, not a difficult read.

snowelf said...

I was expecting a sports book from you. ;)

But I hear ya--I never have time to read either which is ironic since I love to write so much. I swear, when my chilis move out, I am moving into a bookstore. ;)


Ewing Sucks Donkey Dong said...

you should read the pablo escobar book

Our School Teacher said...

That sounds like a book I could use for my middle school...U-Boats actually came into their own in WWI and by WWII were instrumental in many navel battles. Some argue that the War in the Pacific would have been lost with out U-Boats and the Airplane.

Great book review!

I have a suggestion: The Historian. I have the Audio version and I can't wait for a sequel!